All About That Brand

The Branding Glass team worked for more than 7 years with business owners, new entrepreneurs, and seasoned executives to a) discover their current personal brand and to b) craft an easy to follow personal branding profile that inspires new results. All About That Brand is a workbook that details the completion of The Branding Canvas© – our profile process – along with client stories and workbook pages for you to capture notes and ideas. You can use this workbook on its own, or alongside The Branding Glass online courses.

What You Will Learn

Proven Processes

Easy personal branding process to create or update your personal brand.

Examples to Guide You

Clear examples of people who used the workbook with great results.

Corporate VS Personal

The difference between a corporate and personal brand & how they work together.

Real Results!

Organize my ideas into a new practice model...

"I started by studying other coaching websites and listing what I did and didn’t like about these models. From there, I added a list of the testimonial feedback my clients gave that really moved me. Ultimately, my differentiation was my ability to combine life coaching with physical healing in a profound way. The canvas helped me organize my ideas into a new practice model." - Kieran

Build a plan to tell my magical story that inspires...

"Though I am fulfilled with my career and philanthropy, I often struggle with personal branding which supports my career growth internally at employers and externally with clients. The branding canvas helped me pull all these details together and build a plan to tell my magical story that inspires more dreams to come true!"- Denise

If you complete my workbook, you will receive...

  1. Your completed branding canvas (personal branding profile)
  2. Ideas to apply the profile to online social platforms (ebooks, products, social posting) and offline activities (speaking, networking, etc)
  3. Ideas to incorporate

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